Meditation, Love, Art and Creativity; they are real monsoon-makers. They ensure; life with all its complexity, does not stay dry for long.

We are friends – a bunch of travelers, seekers, artists and lovers of life.

Playing theater, Painting public library, discussing soul-cafe, disappearing into mountains, dreaming about building community – we explore and are excited about anything creative; anything positive.

This is one such adventure. A road trip from all the way north to all the way south over a period of we-dont-know-how-many-days.

Snow mountains and source of Ganga in Uttarakand to Backwaters and Ocean of Kerala – this is an all terrain, all weather summer trip!

Want to make this trip interesting and interactive. Sharing stories of love with people around the country, doing art together, reading a book, playing some skit, trying some meditation technique – essentially exploring life.

Will we meet you on our path ?