Glowing Drums


When a Tambourine
Does not click with the sound
It clicks with light
Creativity transforms

It is a long story. We could not pick-up the Dafli(Tambourine)  we ordered at Dehradun. We went looking for one in gullies of Jaipur. Going from one tiny house to other, looking at instruments that are being made was quite an experience. A hidden musical world of artisans. However, Dafli we purchased did not stay sound for long. So we forgot all about it after reaching Bangalore and it stayed in a corner waiting to see the light of the day. Today while experimenting with ink,  my dear friend got it out and we started playing with colors.  Now it is on its way to becoming a wall lamp shade. The kick from creativity continued all day long…Who knew Tambourine had its own journey!!


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