Through the fault-line to the core of a being

tibet prayer flags

Only because she goofed-up, made a mistake;
She opened up completely and became vulnerable

Because she was real and vulnerable
When she came to apologize,
All we saw was the light of the being
and not the fault

Only because we saw the being in her,
She smiled a
Smile from the very core
When we were leaving that restaurant

Because she smiled the way she did
We experienced true love
and walked out
with utmost fulfillment

Real being-light-love

That was taste of Tibet at a restaurant named Lhasa

Many a times, as long as everything is running smooth we only encounter the orderly mind-programs. Running smooth and flawless as it is designed to be but it is just interaction between mind-programs. Then something happens, some chaos, some mess, some mistake and there is an opening. Our usual reaction is to become defensive and protect the ego. Rarely there are beings who fall back to their heart and come forward to apologize with all openness. And that is what we experienced at a Tibetan restaurant in Dehradun.

After all, mistakes are not bad. It opens door to real connections that is if we avoid falling into the automatic reactions of frustration, anger and ego. One not staying somewhere up there and forgiving others mistakes. Point is lost even then. One just have to be present without barriers and open heart.
How many times in our lives dinners get spoiled, evening turns into a mess, and even relationships fall apart with slightest of provocations and goof-ups at restaurants. We are too eager to throw away happiness at the very first opportunity. But here a small mistake got turned into a beautiful opportunity. And we are glad it happened.
I could not help but to remember… In contrast, other day our car was stopped by Delhi traffic police. Friend who was driving was checking directions on GPS and cop thought she was on a call. Anger, heated arguments, chaos… finally when police did let us go there was so much tension in the air. I clearly remember, the other cop walking by as we were leaving and saying – “Please do understand. Hot summer sun, we have to stay out and work all day and mistakes do happen.”
Sadly; I was not a in position to really open-up to him and appreciate sincerity that was there in his work, and his voice.
But tone of his voice did live inside me for a many days.

We don’t have to save ourselves always. Mistakes do provide good opportunity to let go of the ego and open up. When I am on other side of the table, I try and remember the Thai attitude –  “Mai pen rai”  (everything is okay).  By and by, everything does turn okay in life.


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