Life saving itself


Young american seeker was my neighbor at an Ashram in Gangotri. Both being completely immersed in our peace and space, we hardly talked. Heavy snow was just perfect for a retreat. Three full days that is.

Today, finally bit of sun. Both of us wanting to go down to Dharali and end up at the square together. There is only a pick-up truck which came last night but would not start due to snow related blockage.  So we decide to walk down towards Dharali.  In between the walk and occasional hitch-hikes on BRO (Border road organisation) trucks, he shares this beautiful incident. And I knew that the journey together was not accidental.

“I was walking in the snow yesterday.  Close to the temple on the other side of the river. No one around. Even few workers are cozy in their hut.Earth movers left right on the riverbank gives the feeling that the town is abandoned. There is fresh snow everywhere. In that cold, suddenly I come across a little puppy.

It is all drenched and shivering. I go close and manage to pick her up. She does not resist, may be she does not have energy to do so. For a moment I am clueless. There is hardly anyone in the town, let alone a vet or a shelter. I am holding puppy up in my hand and looking around.

Interestingly, I notice little footprints. Footprints of puppy is still intact in the snow. Where did she come from. Intuitively, I follow footprints in the opposite direction that is. After walking some distance, I come to a shelter. There! I notice mother and few other puppies.

Gently I release the puppy from my hand and it stumbles and walks to the mother. They are united. And she won’t die in the snow abandoned”

Then he tells me what is most interesting.

“Do you know what. This is very unlike me. No this is not me at all. All I can say about the whole incident is that the Life worked through me to save itself”

I absorb depth in those words. I can’t help but to remember a Sufi story called Holy Shadow  about a mystic who did not want to know when good things happened through him.

The clear himalayan stream by the side, deodar trees, puppy with her family, young american seeker, angles and ancient Sufi mystic – on this journey down from the source of Ganga, my heart is nurtured.

Picture: Mike Gifford @ Flikr  Creative Commons;  Some rights reserved


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