Gangotri: Beauty, compassion and mystery

Early April, Gangotri temple is not open yet. A single restaurant, single guest house and an Ashram is all you have. Bunch of Sadus who have spent winters in isolation and now rejoicing some warm tea, Sun and human company.

A friendly math professor turned Sadhu tells his story while I eat some Parotas. Here everyone talks philosophy. Chai-wala talks about unpredictability of climate and earnings  and declares satisfaction, not the profit being the most important thing in life.

So true. if something beats life in its surprises and sudden changes – it is mountain weather. The sunny arrival climate changed quickly to cloudy and then the snowfall. Twenty four hours non-stop and by next afternoon entire town and mountains were covered with snow.

Very young man showed up at the Ashram. Not much of warm clothes, not even shoes with him and when Ashram keeper asked about ID; he did not have one either. Ah..even if you go to the places where sole purpose is to free ourselves from ‘Identity’; you still need to carry one these days. Unless you are in orange and hair looks dirty enough to indicate u are a holy man of mountain variety.

Everyone was worried about this boy. However by next morning, it was amazing to see how he was taken care. Ashram keeper let him in anyways out of compassion. Someone sold him an cheap old shoe so he could walk around.

Isn’t it that way. Even when it seems reckless at times, we are all taken care of. Call it compassion, call understanding, call it mystery.  Soaking myself in that mystery for three days, I continue my journey down…


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